ZOMBIE CRAWL – Zombie Hunting Shenanigans!

Welcome to the Crawl!


Hi, there. ER Arroyo here, co-founder of Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans (aka BOD). We have been having a blast this year at our second annual Zombie Crawl and we hope you’re enjoying it too!

My husband and I got married the same month The Walking Dead debuted on AMC, and it’s always an easy reminder of how many seasons the show is up to, or maybe The Walking Dead is an easy reminder of how long we’ve been married… either way! Of course, we love – LOVE – the show.

It should come as no surprise that, as an admin of BOD, I sort of live in zombie-world all year round as zombies are always a big hit in the group and almost always a regular topic of BOD conversation.

For my anniversary this year, my husband took me to a place in northern Tennessee for a zombie hunting paintball adventure. We had an absolute blast. The trip was a total surprise to me, but once we were there it dawned on me we had the crawl coming up and I just HAD to document the trip for you all!

Waiting in line

While waiting in line for tickets, some creatures were roaming around, suddenly RIGHT THERE. Of course, being the calm, collected individual that I am… I made sure to only take pics from afar and not to look them in the eye. LOL. I ain’t skeert! (<– pardon my southern).

First things first… Shooting Gallery

No moving targets. Good way to get our feet wet.


Zombie Hunting Paintball Hayride

This was the event’s main attraction. You ride around on a hayride with your paintball gun bolted to the rails. The zombies were understandably covered in protective gear, so not too scary looking. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of zombies because I was too busy shooting them. Sorry!
I ran out of ammo before it was over… but whatever. 🙂

The thing we feared most… Dark Room!

Touted as an escape game… we didn’t know what to expect other than darkness. Were there terrifying things hiding within this trailer’s walls? Zombies? Would there be any light at all? This turned out to be our favorite feature of the entire night! We were informed while waiting in line that only one team had successfully gotten out that night. We were determined, but we didn’t make it! Turns out… this one had nothing to do with zombies and everything to do with problem solving skills. We wanted to try again when our fifteen minutes were up!

Night of the Living Dead on the Lawn?

Nice touch. But ain’t nobody got time for that.

Zombie Mission! 

A trek through the woods with paintball shotguns, a few obstacles, and sneaky zoms to kill! These guns were much more accurate and I wished we’d had them all night! Super fun!

That wasn’t so bad!

At the end of the evening we picked up our free t-shirts and headed for the exit, but first… it was time to face those scary characters from the entrance…. And no, I still wouldn’t look them in the face. Ha!
If you ever get the chance, you should totally check out an event like this! We had a blast! Check out my giveaway below and I hope you enjoy the rest of the crawl! (P.S. There’s a THRILLER dance contest happening at BOD. Some super cool prizes up for grabs.)

>>> Giveaway <<<

Enter for a chance to win one of three great prizes – winner’s choice!

Option 1: Signed paperback copies of my YA dystopian books Sovereign and The Offering, featuring zombie-like human mutations called savages. (US Only)

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BONUS – Comment “I WANT A MAGNET” for a chance to win a BOD Zombie Crawl magnet. I’ll draw five random winners!

Don’t forget to visit the other stops on the Zombie Crawl 2 Blog Party for more fun z-content and amazing prizes!

Zombie Crawl 2 – Blog Party

October 22 – 31, 2015

by Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans

How it works: Each day, the scheduled authors and bloggers will post awesome zombie-tastic content for your enjoyment along with a giveaway on their site/blog/page. You can hop around to all of the participating sites and enter as many giveaways as you like! If you would like to be emailed links to the new posts each day, join this Zombie Crawl Daily Digest list which will ensure you don’t miss a post (or join the party on Facebook to get notifications). Make sure to leave comments and interact with the participating sites. Thanks for joining the party!

The Schedule:

OCTOBER 22 – Thursday

Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans (Party & Grand Prize Host)

Jo Michaels Blog (author)

Rissa Blakeley (author)

OCTOBER 23 – Friday

Claire C. Riley (author)

2 Girls & A Book (blog)

Emily Shore (author)

OCTOBER 24 – Saturday

Kathy Dinisi (author)

Us Girls & A Book (blog)

The Voluptuous Book Diva (blog 18+)

OCTOBER 25 – Sunday

Casey L. Bond (author)

THE KATY blog (blog)

OCTOBER 26 – Monday

Saul Tanpepper (author)

Warren Fielding (author)

The Leighgendarium (blog)

OCTOBER 27 – Tuesday

Kody Boye (author)

Rhiannon Frater (author)

ER Arroyo (author)

OCTOBER 28 – Wednesday

Allen Gamboa (author)

Armand Rosamilia (author)

Ethan @ One Guy’s Guide to Good Reads (blog)

OCTOBER 29 – Thursday

Kate L. Mary (author)

aftershockzombieseries (author)

Eli Constant (author)

OCTOBER 30 – Friday

Aria Michaels (author)

Brian Parker (author)

Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps (blog)

OCTOBER 31 – Saturday

Cindy Carroll (author)

M. R. Pritchard (author)

Toni L.H. Boughton (author)

Digital Dirty Girl (blog)

To learn more about Band of Dystopian and/or to enter our Grand Prize Giveaway, visit BandofDystopian.com and don’t forget to join the group on Facebook!

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