NEW RELEASE: Sovereign: Aggression

NEW RELEASE: Sovereign: Aggression

(Antius Ascending Series, Short Story/Prequel)

When the chemical warheads that ended the world began to fall, veterinary student Karen was able to find shelter, where she remained underground for years. But there were other less fortunate souls who had no choice but to expose themselves to Earth’s new, toxic atmosphere. Now referred to as savages, these people are far more animal than human. Luckily, Karen’s got instincts for humans and animals alike.

Karen and her team have set up in The City to work with the savages, not only in attempt to peacefully reunite the aggressive males and females with their normal human children, but also give the offspring a genuine chance to thrive. After years of work, the kids give her glimpses of hope for what she’s doing there. She second-guesses every decision but knows she’s making a difference when she witnesses a young boy blossom. He is the key to everything she’s been working toward. Brave, smart, and a little bit cocky, the boy could become the bridge between the people and the savages. She calls him Tyce…

Aggression is the second of three short prequels in the Antius Ascending Series, but it is best enjoyed as a sequel.


Aggression Tyce Teaser

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