I should be editing… / The making of SOVEREIGN

I should be editing, yes, but I’ve lost a huge chunk of my night to Twitter.  That’s right.  To Twitter.  It’s so easy to get lost in social networking, especially when you get a ripple effect going!  You know, one thing leads to another…  Sometimes it’s Pinterest, sometimes it’s Youtube.  You just never know.

Speaking of ripple effects, that’s kind of how Sovereign came to be a novel.  I used to specialize in screenwriting and editing, but I stumbled across dystopian young adult novels, particularly the post-apocalyptic sort, and something happened.  I actually wanted to write prose.  My writing partner had tried and tried to no avail, and then one day I sent her a short story.  She smugly replied “This is not finished.  It’s a novel,” in that “I told you so” kind of tone.  Or something like that.

So, thank you very much, Maria Rachel Hooley, for your honesty – I began to plot my novel Sovereign.  When I was convinced I really did, in fact, have a novel on my hands, I started writing the book.  After I was halfway through, I was notified that I’d won first place in a sci-fi category of an annual writer’s contest I’m apart of.  It was based on my synopsis and my first 20-something pages.  After I won, I figured I probably ought to finish the book.  So I did.

Now I’m going back and forth with beta-readers and continually trying to improve the work.  I’m also mentally preparing myself to schmooze an agent or two.  Too bad I didn’t inherit charisma from my dad.

And THAT’S how Sovereign came to be.

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