Cori, Tyce, & Dylan Teasers – CHARACTER CONTEST (w/ Prizes!)

Character Contest
Pick Your Prize Extravaganza
I am so excited to share these character teasers with you. The incredible Najla Qamber has helped bring Cori, Tyce, and Dylan to life — Thank you so much Naj!

The unveiling of the three characters who have dominated so much of my life for the last two years calls for a lot of fun and prizes! I’m holding a massive contest on Facebook that I invite you all to come over and participate in!

Check out all the details on the contest here. 


It is my great honor to present …. the cast of The Sovereign Series.

Thank you Samantha Kurtz Photography for allowing the use of 
Nicole Fancher’s headshot for the Cori promo! Check out Samantha’s website

Source: ER Arroyo Backup

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